Friday, June 21, 2013

Not Minding My Parents and the Trigger for My Dystonia Symptoms

 My escape from an overly strict father was playing the saxophone and being obsessed with seeking the approval of another important man in my life - my band director. The other escape I had was my best friend, Sally, and her mom. We had been friends since the sixth grade, and we lived very different lives. My mother was intimidated by my over-bearing father, walking on egg-shells constantly. Sally's mom, Nora, smoked cigarettes and talked loudly, expressed her opinions openly, and told me I was pretty.Nora also allowed me and Sally the freedom to stay up late, especially when they moved to the "big farm". They lived in the country when I met Sally, and I lived in our small town. She rode the bus, and I rode my bike to elementary school. One thing we had in common was that we were in the high school band.

One day after high school band practice, Sally told me to hop on the hood of her car, and she would give me a ride to the band hall since she knew I loved to do this. My parents had forbidden me from doing so, of course, because of the danger. I hopped on, without a thought, holding onto my sax with both hands. Unfortunately, Sally hit the gas a little harder than I expected. Instead of grabbing the hood I held onto my beloved saxophone The next thing I knew I awoke in the emergency room with a doctor cutting my clothes off. My doctor had a very serious expression on his face when he told me he was glad I was waking up. He said I had been unconscious for almost an hour. My mind was fuzzy, but I knew I was going to be in trouble with my father.
I had no idea that I had much more serious trouble ahead that would impact my life as an adult.

Watch this guy riding on the car! It looks as though he was much luckier.